What you need for your breastfeeding journey

April 26, 2018
What you need for your breastfeeding journey, Ergo Baby

No new mother can ever anticipate what their breastfeeding journey is going to be like. Until you have that baby in your arms and you experience your first latch and those first few weeks & months of nursing, it is very hard to expect anything of breastfeeding. Except the hope that it will be an amazing bonding experience for you and your baby.

Ergo Baby Blog Post on Breastfeeding

I recently shared 10 things you will need for your breastfeeding journey over on the Ergo Baby Blog and hope you can check it out as there are many ways to make your breastfeeding journey work well for you through the 2 years (or less or more depending on your situation). Click below to check out my tips!


My Personal Breastfeeding Journey and Tips

If you would like to know more about my own personal journey with breastfeeding my elder 2 kids who are now 4 and 2, please click here – breastfeeding-journey-tips.

Breastfeeding Journey and Tips

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