Shopping with my Toddler at Trader Joes

December 10, 2016

Shopping with a toddler can be somewhat a challenge. The whining, the screaming, asking for everything that they don’t really need and wanting to run around the store like a crazy child.

I take care of shopping normally so I almost always have to take my toddlers with me. So I have to plan it strategically to make sure there are no major tantrums or episodes. They end up happening anyway most of the time no matter how hard you try to avoid them!

I discovered the little kiddy shopping cart at Trader Joes recently and I just had to share my experience. It ended up being a fun shopping trip with my toddler. I didn’t leave the store feeling like a bad mom for losing my cool or making them wait through long lines!

I put my 16-month-old in the normal size cart and I let my son pick a small shopping cart. Next time, I might wear her and just have my son push the little kiddy cart.

As we went down the aisles I said out loud everything we needed and what direction he needed to go. As we went along he was super excited! He kept telling everyone that he had a shopping cart and he was mommy’s big helper (another Daniel Tiger Term). If anyone was in his way he would say “Ummm Excuse me please”. Who can hold a straight face when a 3-year-old with a tiny cart says “Excuse me” or “I need to pass please”?

At some point, he started picking things like pickles, olives, etc and saying “mama I am going to buy this ok? Let’s buy this”. There were lots of ‘no baba we don’t need that today but why don’t you take this?’.

Overall we spent about 30 mins in the store (with loading the car) which is pretty fast! Ayyoub got a  bunch of stickers at the checkout and helped the cashier loads all the groceries to pay for them.

I highly recommend asking for these little carts if they have it at any of your local stores. It will save you a lot of whining you will leave the store feeling like you did a fun activity didn’t drag your child through the boredom of shopping.


SideNote: If your toddler is anything like mine, they will start trying to use the cart as a skateboard. This can get dangerous and you have to remind them to keep both legs on the floor.

Comment below if you have used this cart and how it went for you? Do you know of any other stores that have something similar?




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  • Reply Edye December 18, 2016 at 11:09 am

    When I was about 6 I used to use the “mini carts” all the time! My town only had one grocery store that had them, so I got super excited whenever we went there. My mom would even let me pick out one treat for myself. I’m sure your son has a blast pushing his own cart around the store =)

  • Reply April Kusewicz December 30, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    I love mini carts! My daughter used them all the time when we go shopping and it made my shopping easier and get my kids involve with the experience.

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