Surviving Teething with Infants & Toddlers

February 28, 2017

Teething is the 2-3 year journey. It involves, drooling, biting, crying, fussing, no sleep, pain, crankiness, crazy behavior, fevers, flus, ear aches, diarrhea to name a few symptoms! A few? You call that a few? Seriously, it’s not a joke. For some moms, teething  just flies by and within 6-12 months their babies have all their teeth. One mom told me she never had any issues with teething, the teeth just popped in and no pain! If I were her I would go into hiding…

On the plus side, you get the cutest little pictures, transitioning from gummy smiles to rabbit smiles, to 8 teeth smiles (where we are at now), to a full set of beautiful teeth and you wonder where the time has gone. My 3 and half year old has a full set of teeth, and completed his teething journey about 8 months ago. My daughter who is 20 months now has 8 full teeth and her upper molars and upper canines are almost cutting through. We still have a long way to go but I am sure God willing we will get through it!

Every mom with a new infant needs a survival guide for teething. Many moms don’t really know what to expect, how to cope, and how to help their babies. I was one of those mama’s who didn’t even know the teething order! I didn’t realize that despite my baby’s drooling/biting at 3 months, his first tooth wouldn’t cut through until months later. We literally sat there for 9 months saying he’s teething, anyday now for that first tooth!


My Ultimate Guide to Teething

Please check out the following guest post I wrote for Swaddles N Bottles. I hope this post benefits you in your teething journey and I would love to hear your comments below!

Swaddles N Bottles Teething Guest Post

Swaddles N Bottles Teething Guest Post


Afra Guest Contributor

Afra Guest Contributor

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