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My 3 birth stories on the Birth Hour Podcast

March 10, 2018

I approached by The Birth Hour during my 3rd pregnancy knowing I wanted to share my birth story. I was approached by them a few months after my 3rd baby was born. After everything I had experienced with the pregnancies and attempting a VBAC & VBA2C I was so determined to share everything that I had been through so that if anyone went through something similar, then they could have the comfort of knowing they are not alone. It takes a lot of courage to share something so personal, but my passion for natural birth has grown so much and if there’s one thing I want for every woman it is to experience the best birth they can.

The Birth Hour Podcast Recording

I had a great time with Bryn recording this podcast. I was SO nervous and must have stopped like 10 times but she made me feel so comfortable and helped me get through it with ease. She was extremely flexible and understanding with scheduling, and following through with the requirements so if you have a birth story to share I would highly suggest you contact her 🙂



My Birth Stories (Click below to read the stories in detail)

NewBorn Baby, C-sEction, Postpartum

VBAC, VBA2C, Natural Birth

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The Undernourished Nourish-er: How to manage Motherhood Anxiety and Depression & Nutrition

November 14, 2017
Pregnancy Motherhood Birth Baby Nourishment Baby Nourishment Vitamins Magnesium Vitamin C Vit toddlers Depression Anxiety Disorder Anxiety Postpartum Depression Under-Nouri term Panic Panic Attack

Managing Anxiety and Depression as a new mother is not something that comes naturally. 5 weeks ago, we were blessed with our 3rd child and needless, to say the least, it’s not been easy. I have now slowly realized how much my mental health is affected by what I eat/don’t eat and how that reflects in how I am as a mother, wife & homemaker.  I contacted Jalila whose first question was “Afra how are you nourishing yourself?”. She was kind enough to share knowledge on this as it’s so important for us mothers to feel nourished and have proper nutrition especially when breastfeeding.  Please do leave a comment below and let us know how this has helped you and also visit Jalila’s facebook to see what she is upto.

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